I don’t mind

I don't mind if your jeans are that little bit tighter. I don't mind if you have broken personal records for how quickly you finish a bag of chips. I don't mind if the number on the scale has increased. I don't mind if you can't remember the last time you went for a run.… Continue reading I don’t mind


There is a tree that sits right outside our balcony. It has never had any leaves since I have lived here and mostly just serves as a resting place for many birds. For months now I have watched a section of this tree as a decent sized branch snapped off and is lodged within other… Continue reading Stick

You want me to… love myself?!

If the way you spoke to yourself over the past week were the way you spoke to your friend for a week, would that friendship still remain? The question above always gives me a massive kick in the gut. I realise that if this was true, I would be facing a life with a lot… Continue reading You want me to… love myself?!