For the 2 hours I have been awake today I have heard Gratitude mentioned numerous times, and that got me thinking, when was the last time I was grateful? More importantly, what am I grateful for?

In the wise words of Arianna Huffington, ‘When you live life with an eye towards gratitude, you will give yourself even more reasons to track other habits. Be grateful for the time you have found to move, sleep, meditate, and work on your priorities today’. I have never thought about it, but I am so grateful for the gift of 24 hours that I am given every single day. Without those 24 hours my weeks, months, years, and life would be incomplete – the person I am today would not exist.

A few weeks ago I wrote down a few words that I was grateful. They stemmed from doughnuts to family to opportunities. When I did that exercise my heart wasn’t fully committed. Yes, the things I wrote down were true, but they were the generic answers. So here’s my 5 things that I am grateful for today:

  • Waking up without an alarm – Last night I was able to lie in bed without setting an alarm, my oh my, that felt amazing. What felt even more amazing was waking up today without my alarm! I still woke up at about the same time, but my energy levels have been restored and my body feels like it is performing at it’s peak.
  • Music – It has the ability to bring people together. It is a language that is spoken by all. It can signify a special moment. It finds the right words to say on a bad day. In it’s eyes, you don’t have to be perfect to sing/dance or enjoy it. There are many reasons why I love music and the disguised powers it holds.
  • My Family – I used to take my family for granted (A lot!). They have been my support and my voice when I didn’t want to face the world. When we are able to get together, which is rare, the moments are precious. I used to hate that I didn’t have a perfect family, but now I don’t want that. We are perfect for us and we have grown tenfold as a family (now I’ll stop before I cry).
  • The sunshine – This is one thing that I always forget until it’s gone. I love how it’s an ultimate mood booster! I actually smile every time I can wake up in the morning and I get a sunbeam in my face.
  • The Internet – It’s getting a bad rap at the moment with health studies finding that we are becoming reliant on it. Yes, it is so easy to have an unhealthy relationship with it (I’ve been there), but the amount of information on it is HUGE (Note: Huge is not proportionate to it’s scale). The unsung heroes of the world are finally getting their chance to be recognised, it’s a lot easier to market your business or even start your own, unethical acts are being addressed and becoming a public interest, and all information is being spread exponentially across the globe.

This morning I stumbled across two stories that really put gratitude into perspective for me. First video was about a 9-year-old, Ezra Frech, who was born without a complete body. He stays positive by thinking about what he has, and not about what he doesn’t have. That any challenges he faces (which we all have), he sees them as a wall and he will just run towards them and break it down. Ezra has the BEST attitude to life, one that has definitely made me re-evaluate mine! The other story I came across was the story of Laura Ling, who collaborates with the YouTube group of Seeker Stories. Her story about how she used Gratitude to get through being captured by the North Koreans when she was reporting in Korea. Laura displays how powerful the simple act of remembering the good in one’s life can get you through some horrible times.

What’s 5 things that you are grateful for today? Take the time today to think about it, and enjoy the life you are living!

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears” -Anthony Robbins

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