6 Things I wish I knew when I was 20

Well, lets be honest, I am still 20. So, I’m not going to give any wise words of wisdom to the younger generations, because I am still classified as that ‘young generation’. The truth is, I love reading these types of advice and any title that applies to a 20-year-old or university graduate grabs my attention! A lot of the articles that I read have core characteristics that . The following six points are loosely based around what successful 30+ year olds have said, and what I wish to listen to improve on within the next decade  Put yourself in … Continue reading 6 Things I wish I knew when I was 20

From an average interview straight into finding ways I can improve.

It’s a gloomy day here in Brisbane. I believe the weather is just a representation of many university students’ moods around the nation as exam week is upon us… *cue the late nights* Upon this exam stress I had the pleasure of attending an interview for a vacation role at an accounting firm. I’m still relatively new at the whole interview game – so I take every interview as a learning experience with the hope that by my mid-twenties I shall be able to ace any interview. After a chat to my father, who by coincidence had an interview hours … Continue reading From an average interview straight into finding ways I can improve.

Borneo – My pre-departure thoughts

Well, the time has flown between initially applying to go on this trip last year, up until now with only 20 more days to go! (btw it’s 1 month until my 21st!) On the 28th of June I shall be embarking on a 12 day adventure over to Borneo with the Griffith Business School Student Leadership Program. Our team for the trip consists of 10 Business undergraduates and accompanied by two wonderful Business School staff (plus some amazing support in Borneo and back here in Australia). We shall be staying an hour out of Kuching in the Krokong Homestay, and … Continue reading Borneo – My pre-departure thoughts

Here I come July!

July has always been my favourite month. Well, when you’re a child your whole world revolves around your birthday and from that your favourite month is your birth month, and your favourite number is your birth date. I am no exception to this social norm! I normally start reminding my family about my birthday around January and it only becomes more consistent as my birthday becomes closer and closer. Although, the older I get, the more I feel need to not remind my parents of my birthday – so much so they have remind me! This year I have been … Continue reading Here I come July!