6 Things I wish I knew when I was 20

Well, lets be honest, I am still 20. So, I'm not going to give any wise words of wisdom to the younger generations, because I am still classified as that 'young generation'. The truth is, I love reading these types of advice and any title that applies to a 20-year-old or university graduate grabs my… Continue reading 6 Things I wish I knew when I was 20

Borneo’s calling me – 1 week to go!

Just 7 more sleeps until I venture off to Borneo! Every day closer I become more excited - it's like the feeling you get the week before Christmas! My packing hasn't even started, and lets be honest, probably won't start until the day before. Why rush into things hey? Plus, music to my parent's ears,… Continue reading Borneo’s calling me – 1 week to go!

From an average interview straight into finding ways I can improve.

It's a gloomy day here in Brisbane. I believe the weather is just a representation of many university students' moods around the nation as exam week is upon us... *cue the late nights* Upon this exam stress I had the pleasure of attending an interview for a vacation role at an accounting firm. I'm still… Continue reading From an average interview straight into finding ways I can improve.

Here I come July!

July has always been my favourite month. Well, when you're a child your whole world revolves around your birthday and from that your favourite month is your birth month, and your favourite number is your birth date. I am no exception to this social norm! I normally start reminding my family about my birthday around… Continue reading Here I come July!

Enter with a purpose

It's the season for job applications and interviews at the moment. I have friends who are undertaking their teaching prac, sending internship applications, and attending graduate interviews. This morning one of my flat mates was dressed up (vast contrast to his weekday jeans and shirt attire) for his Psychology Honours Placement interview. After I complimented… Continue reading Enter with a purpose