Enter with a purpose

It’s the season for job applications and interviews at the moment. I have friends who are undertaking their teaching prac, sending internship applications, and attending graduate interviews. This morning one of my flat mates was dressed up (vast contrast to his weekday jeans and shirt attire) for his Psychology Honours Placement interview. After I complimented him on how ‘swish’ he looked he told me that he felt self-conscious and uncomfortable being ‘dressed up’. I was perplexed that he would feel this way, as my perception of business attire makes a person look smart and respectable. The nerves that come with having a job interview affect even the most bubbly and confident people! It’s at these times when we all need a confidence boost of some sort. My final words to him were…

Enter with a purpose; leave with results

What does entering with a purpose mean? Whether you are  heading to an interview, starting university or a new course, leading a sales pitch, or presenting a speech in front of the class, you need to have a purpose. You need to ask yourself what do you want to achieve or what message do you want to leave with the recipient? Entering into a situation with a clear and precise goal can lessen the anxiety and multiply your impact. When you leave the interview, graduate from university, or finish the presentation take a chance to reflect on what you have achieved. Be confident in your accomplishments and celebrate them! If it didn’t go to plan, learn for next time, there will always be another interview or speech to give.

When the nerves start racking up, take a breathe, remember what you want to accomplish, and believe that you can do it (because you can). The only person stopping you, is you yourself.

“I am going to show you how great I am” -Muhammad Ali

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