Here I come July!

July has always been my favourite month. Well, when you’re a child your whole world revolves around your birthday and from that your favourite month is your birth month, and your favourite number is your birth date. I am no exception to this social norm! I normally start reminding my family about my birthday around January and it only becomes more consistent as my birthday becomes closer and closer. Although, the older I get, the more I feel need to not remind my parents of my birthday – so much so they have remind me! This year I have been fortunate to be given the opportunity to be overseas for my 21st. To say I am excited is an understatement *insert happy dance + off tune singing*!!! But that’s not the only reason why I am excited for July (hurry up June & final exams). Now that I got confirmation of my plans I can share them, and it will explain my non-existence on social media…

First Adventure
Once I have finished my final exams I shall be joining 9 other Griffith Business School Student Leaders alongside Jo and Sharon to venture over to Borneo! We will be there for 13 days and will be immersed into their culture while conducting a business plan for a Home Stay Business. I shall be posting another update in the near future about more details of the exciting things we will be doing and my expectations of the whole experience!

Second Adventure
I just got the news but I was selected as a KGBC delegate to attend NAAUC (National Association of Australian University Colleges) Conference. I will literally get off the plane from Borneo, sleep one night, and then straight into the week conference (thank god for coffee!). From what I have heard from fellow college member that have attended in previous years, it is intense but so rewarding. They relate it to Orientation Week, but even crazier!! I love the prospect of being able to learn from other people in similar positions around the nation how we can engage the students who are in a unique college setting. I have seen the impact it can have on a person to engage with their community and in effect, have seen the impact it can have if a person does not engage with their community. When saying this, I hope to be able to find ways to engage with the large community we have at KGBC (all 500+ students!!!).

Third Adventure
By the time I have finish adventures 1 & 2 I will be straight into Semester 2 Orientation Week! This means helping out with Business School Orientation Days and organising events on KGBC to welcome the new residents into our college community (My NAAUC knowledge will get a workout!!). I absolutely love being able to volunteer my time to ensure the new people feel welcomed. It is really daunting to start at a new place, and it’s magnified when everyone around you are settled in, and thats why mid-year orientation is as important.

Fourth Adventure
Well, somewhere in my break I WILL find time to have two 21st parties!! First on my birthday party agenda is a Toowoomba party! With my schedule I barely find time to visit all of my friends so thats why I am looking forward to a cute dinner party with my closest T-barian friends! The second I shall be having a Brisbane party to really celebrate with the people around me who I share this chapter of my life with.

Well, there’s my July in a nutshell! It’s going to be hectic and I won’t remember what my bed feels like, but oh my, It makes me SO EXCITED to see my schedule packed. The amount of opportunities I have been given to learn and create a positive environment for others is incredible!!  While I am going to severely miss my work colleagues (and the money) for a good 4 weeks, I am over the moon for the things I will learn in my 4 week holidays… LETS DO THIS!

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them out with our eyes open”

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