Borneo – My pre-departure thoughts

Well, the time has flown between initially applying to go on this trip last year, up until now with only 20 more days to go! (btw it’s 1 month until my 21st!)

On the 28th of June I shall be embarking on a 12 day adventure over to Borneo with the Griffith Business School Student Leadership Program. Our team for the trip consists of 10 Business undergraduates and accompanied by two wonderful Business School staff (plus some amazing support in Borneo and back here in Australia). We shall be staying an hour out of Kuching in the Krokong Homestay, and over the two weeks, will be preparing a marketing plan for the homestay business.

We had our pre-departure meeting today and we were asked – Why are we doing this Project? Good question! I wish I had more time this morning to figure out why, but I still don’t really know why. I have always wanted to attend an overseas trip since 2008 when I knew a few people who attended mission trips, but never got around to signing up. I have also heard of the great stories and life changing experiences that previous students have had from previous years to Laos (2013-14 Project destination). Be rest assured, I will have an answer before I leave!

Let me work backwards; and hopefully by the end, I will have a reason why I want to go to Borneo. My question is – What do I want to achieve by going over to Borneo? Firstly, I want to say I went outside of my comfort zone whenever the opportunity arose. I don’t want to leave an opportunities back in Borneo. My favourite saying is ‘Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear’, and it is completely true! I also want to broaden my capabilities in engaging with international cultures. It is one thing to communicate with different cultures when they come to Australia, but the opportunity to experience being the ‘foreign’ people, will be interesting and probably challenging! The final thing I would like to achieve is being able to present a Marketing Plan for the Homestay business, and hopefully in the future be able to see how our assistance has impacted their business and the community around them. As University students we have been blessed with gaining a higher education, and the opportunity to share that knowledge is incredible!

On another note, the words below is the slogan of the Student Leadership Program ‘Eat-Sleep-Business’, which I have translated into Malay. It shall be my 2 week endeavor to successfully pronounce the slogan by the end of the trip!


Oh and we shall be visiting my cousins! Can’t you see the resemblance?


I hope to enter this Project with no expectations. I don’t have a checklist or a set of goals (feels weird, very weird). I enter this Borneo Project as I am, with the knowledge and experiences I have cultivated up until the 28th of June. BRING IT ON!

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes

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