Borneo’s calling me – 1 week to go!

Just 7 more sleeps until I venture off to Borneo! Every day closer I become more excited – it’s like the feeling you get the week before Christmas!

My packing hasn’t even started, and lets be honest, probably won’t start until the day before. Why rush into things hey? Plus, music to my parent’s ears, I have been studying for my end of semester exams, which was the last hurdle to get over before Borneo (last one tomorrow!!). So, in between studying for exams and preparing for Borneo I have done some light research (thank you Twitter). As we are going over there to work along side the Krokong Homestay to create a business marketing plan for their Homestay, I’ve done some light research to understand the environment. If like me, you had no idea where Borneo was, and when you Google it, it’s not easy to comprehend – Malaysia and Indonesia in one place PLUS Brunei?! Borneo is renowned for their environment with their unique flora and fauna.  So here’s what I found (the more I research, the more excited I am to visit!)

  • The Borneo rainforest is 130 million years old – making it the oldest rainforest in the World!
  • It’s the world’s third largest island – behind Greenland and New Guinea
  • Krokong Homestay is just a short distance to the Fairy Caves
    Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 9.21.33 pm
  • On that note: The Fairy Caves! By the looks of the photos and various comments by visitors to the attraction, my preparation when I was 5-years-old making fairy circles in our front yard will come in handy. There’s about 300 steps throughout which navigate you through the moss covered ground and in the wind caves, while being among the bats nesting (and sleeping).  fairy-caves

Also, if you want to have a quick look around (& watch some cool videos) at what the previous Student Leaders have achieved while over in Laos in 2013 & 2014 – check it out here!

Well, now back to the books. I hope to post again just before we leave (this time next week!!!!). I promise to keep up with the updates while over there – and prepare for the Borneo spam when I return to a stable internet connection…

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all” -Helen Keller


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