6 Things I wish I knew when I was 20

Well, lets be honest, I am still 20. So, I’m not going to give any wise words of wisdom to the younger generations, because I am still classified as that ‘young generation’. The truth is, I love reading these types of advice and any title that applies to a 20-year-old or university graduate grabs my attention! A lot of the articles that I read have core characteristics that . The following six points are loosely based around what successful 30+ year olds have said, and what I wish to listen to improve on within the next decade 

  1. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations
    That thing called Networking – it absolutely scares me! I have backed away from a couple of situations just from listening to my fears. My all time favourite saying is ‘nothing great ever occurs within your comfort zone.’ I know that the fact that I am scared to do step outside of my comfort zone is the primary reason why I need to do it!
  2. Take care of your health
    At the moment I am reading Thrive by Arianna Huffington. She has a successful career and business (Huffington Post) that revolves around responding to global news 24/7, but yet in her book she reaffirms how our bodies need rest. We need to get our recommended hours of sleep and how in this digital age, we NEED to disconnect regularly. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of staying up late to study or work towards a deadline, but studies have proven that sleep deprivation has underlying side effects. 
  3. Take chances
    I’ve come to realise that life doesn’t come with a detailed map of how to get from point A to B, or even a sketchy IKEA manual. It is a lot easier to go through the traditional or safe options, but sometime you miss out on some great opportunities. It’s also a basic financial investment theory that states that the more risk you have, the greater the return.
  4. Make mistakes
    We are humans which means we aren’t perfect. Mistakes are the proof you are trying. When you take a chance (like #3), I can guarantee that you won’t always get it correct the first time. Although, it can be disheartening if you continually make mistakes it is easy to start classifying it as failing, but it is very important to not start thinking you are a failure. I hope to work on my relationship with mistakes is healthy 
  5. Read, Read, READ! 
  6. I am a big believer in reading books, whatever type they might be, but it’s one thing I always dont prioritise and often go months without reading. I picked up my first ‘business’ book, Rich dad Poor dad, when I was 16. My collection of business books stems from leadership to finance and with a little bit of autobiographies thrown into the mix.

  7. Travel
    As I write this I am sitting on the floor of the Changi Airport in Singapore waiting for the last connection flight to Borneo. I have never travelled to an Asian area and even at the airport smi can recognise the difference in cultures! I also have been blessed with parents who never stayed still for more than 10 years. I was 13 months old when I went over to Canada. They instilled in me a sense of worldy curiosity – one that can only be fulfilled by travel. In saying that, my travel ambitions fall through as I dislike the uncomfortable situations of not knowing what to do. 

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