Happy Mother’s Day, Mother.

IMG_5251Dear Mother/Mum/Mom,

As a child I adored you. You taught me to speak, talk, smile, and walk. There wasn’t an activity on Playschool that we didn’t do, or an inch of my body that wasn’t covered in paint. Every birthday was themed something different and a product of your love and hard-work. You walked us to and from school every day, waited for us while we did Tae-Kwon-Do, and made sure we had a nutritious school lunch day in, day out until I graduated high-school.

When I was a teenager, our mother-daughter relationship was tested. You were the one to hold me when I would faint – too many times for your liking. I don’t know how many times (I’ve lost count) you told me that you unconditionally loved me. I would constantly push you away and never allowed you into my life, especially when I was hurting. We both made it through the terrible teenager years – YAY!

Fast forward to 2013 when I made the move away from home to study at University and was becoming a young, independent adult. You always reminded me that you love me unconditionally and that if I start to worry about my finances, you would always help. When I was suffering from my illness and I didn’t want you to worry, your motherly instinct knew to worry. You and father would stop everything that you were doing to come visit me and help me through the recovery process (or as much as I would let you).


  • Thank you for putting us before yourself when you need to
  • Thank you for providing a place at home that I can return to when my life becomes too hectic
  • Thank you for teaching me to use my wings and having faith in me that I can do anything
  • Thank you for teaching me to stick up for myself
  • Thank you for never giving up
  • Thank you for stressing about how I was going – it was your hidden way to show how much you cared about me
  • Thank you for teaching me life skills like cooking, cleaning, and living within my financial means
  • Thank you for believing in me when I was working towards my goals
  • Thank you for the late night chats where you open up about your life and embrace being vulnerable
  • Thank you for stocking me up with homemade pasta sauce, homemade snacks, and any fruit and veggies you have

I may not be the perfect daughter all the time, but you have taught me that it doesn’t matter. We weren’t given a ‘life manual’, and mistakes are the way to learn.The older I get, the more I appreciate how hard you have worked and what you have been through. I couldn’t even start to imagine how hard it would be to leave your family back at home to a new country and build your own family with limited support. I am glad you have the chance to be over celebrating Mother’s Day with your mom this year.

Mother, I know I don’t say it much but, I love you.

I love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I am living, my mother you’ll be.


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