I made a pizza today

I had the assumption that the first blog post that I wrote in a year had to be one that packed a punch, that stirred hearts, and made every reader automatically press the ‘like’ button. In the end, this made the days turn into months between writing a post. So here this post is. A post about being raw, authentic, brave, concise, and most importantly, simple.

For what I have learnt in the past year is to be content in the small and basic things of life. I love splashing around in puddles or saying ‘wow’ when I drive towards a full moon. I find joy in watching cars zoom around the city, or when I try and figure out where a trail of ants is coming from. Nothing makes me more content than just to walk. To walk with the sun shining down, a light breeze, the natural sound of the world passing by, and a smile on my face. I feel inspired when things start to click and I feel a rush of energy just to consume more knowledge. I am content with living simply and while this isn’t praised in today’s society of being loud, fast, connected, and driven, I can testify that you don’t need to reach society’s expectations to be happy.

One of my favourite songs by Paul Colman Trio has the following lines
“All you need is a listening ear,
and a smiling face,
and a shoulder that you can cry on…”
I thank every single person in my life who has lent an ear, provided me with their smile, and embraced me when I needed it most.

So yes, today I made a pizza and I am going to be overjoyed by this simple fact! (btw, it was delicious & is currently featured on my Instagram story)

“The most complicated skill is to be simple.” -D. Stojanovic

1 thought on “I made a pizza today”

  1. Well done, Kathleen for start writing a post in a year! Simply by writing it, that is already a great achievement! Good read, Keep it up!


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