Bring it back to LOVE


I could have written this post over a million times, and I still would never be completely satisfied that my words really conveyed my feelings on this topic. The topic of the same-sex marriage plebiscite isn’t just as simple as the Yes/No we are asked to respond to – there are layers, rebuttals, and valid points wherever you look. I have sat on the fence quietly whilst the storm of debates has taken over social media and Australia. I’ve watched and listened to people on both sides of the conversation. I fear for what is to come and the carelessness of our words and actions once everyone has voted and the results come back. I write this post not because I want to sway your opinion towards my own opinion – on the contrary I respect your opinion. I write this post because I care for those around me and in all honesty, I am sick and tired of the division that has been strengthened.

We hate because we are hurt and defensive. My compassion grew towards school yard bullies when I realised this principle, and now that my school yard encompasses the world, I believe it still rings true. When I see the people throwing around hateful comments to those of differing views, or trying to rally those around them to agree with them, it saddens me. A reasonable person filled with love does simply not going around hating people or belittling others. Oppression solidifies the heart to a point where you become so fearful that a single attack against you could shatter you into pieces – it leaves you in a position of going to great measures to keep everyone away. I look at what is going on and I am empathetic of those in the LGBTQ+ community acting the way they do as for decades they have been subjected to torment, criticism, and oppression. Whether you have hetero-/homo-sexual preferences, each one of us act in a way that is influenced by those around us, our values, and our coping mechanisms that we have acquired over time.

We all deserve love. Please hear me out on this one, because even I was surprised with the information I found when I dug a little deeper. The English language poorly describes love. There is no way that my love for having a shower is the same love that I have towards my family, but yet I am still limited to only using the term ‘love’. The Greek language gives us a greater depth of appreciation for the multiple types of love; Eros, Philia, Storge, and Agape. When I believe that we all deserve love, I don’t at all refer the romantic/sexual love that I have found to come up in the numerous same-sex conversations being held. This love is Eros love, and in all of my schooling years and in life in general, I have never been told that I deserve romantic love or that I have been guaranteed to marry someone. I believe that society has conditioned us to demand that we are entitled to such love, but in reality, we desire a greater love. At the core of it all, we desire Agape love which, is the type of love that we should also strive to give to others. This love is built upon respect and the demonstration of love without expecting anything in return. It is the love that accepts the other person for where they are at in their journey of life. To me, it is the Agape love that Australia yearns for, but has become so preoccupied with the Eros love, that we have forgotten how to love without expecting anything in return.

To each and every one of you reading this (and even those who won’t be able to), I want to say this to you: This time that we are in now is tough, regardless of which side of the fence you sit on. I only have my side of the story to go on, but I would love and appreciate to hear yours. It deeply saddens me that society has built this darn fence/barrier that divides us. Maybe, if we can’t remove the fence, could you please help me in trying to build doors/gates that open up the division between us?

When the time comes around, could each of us please remember that we are all just humans. Religious or not, young or old, conservative or not, queer or not, Australian or not, yes or no… I ask that with every word you utter or type, and with every post you like or share, that you remember that we are all just trying to survive in this world with what we have been given. Let us all make a conscious decision to bring it all back to love. The type of love that uplifts one another, that allows us to stand shoulder to shoulder supporting one another, and that pursues eternal happiness and joy.

“Love is never wasted, for its value does not rest upon reciprocity.”
– C.S.Lewis

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