Happy Father’s Day


Dear Father,

Happy 24th Father’s Day! Thank you does not fully encompass how grateful I am to have you as a Father. From teaching me how to ride a bike to drive a car, and from dropping me off at my first day of school to seeing me graduate from University, your constant support and love has been with me through it all.

As a Father, you have poured your whole heart out to see Alison and I thrive and succeed. As children we were spoiled rotten with the endless time spent playing in the pool, the never ending wheelbarrows into bed, having you dress up as a clown for numerous birthday parties, and of course the impromptu ‘hide-n-squeek’ game we would play when we heard you coming up the driveway from work. As I have grown up, you still out pour your silliness with never passing by an opportunity to laugh, but you are also careful in ensuring that I grew into an independent and determined young adult. No matter what your commitments were or what time it was, you looked over numerous assignments and work applications. Through my toughest times at University you would, without fail, drop everything to ensure that I was okay and supported in every way that you could.

You are the rock in which our family is built upon. When there is chaos, you bring peace and direction back. You are one of the wisest people I know, and more than that, you are always willing to help out those around you when you can. One of my most memorable moments was back in 2009 when we were driving to school/work on a rainy day and you went out of your way to u-turn back to a woman walking with a broken umbrella to pick her up and take her where she needed to go.

As a person, you bring joy into this world that is pure and uplifting. Your work/life balance is exemplary in aligning to your values in life (um, who else in this world could take a two year holiday and still support a family?!). I am still in awe how much information you can hold within your brain and the way you apply complex concepts to everyday life. As much as I haven’t always given credit where credit was due, you are musically gifted in more ways than one but your poem, Tae-Kwon-Do, will always be my favourite!

I have been eternally blessed to have a father like you. You give ‘Dad jokes’ a whole new meaning, and instilled within me a boldness to create my own sense of humour. You selflessly allow Alison and I to stand on your shoulders (metaphorically of course), so that we may have the best opportunities in this life. I couldn’t ask for a better role model in my life, or a closer representation of God’s love for us, than you.

Love forever and ever,
Kathleen/Kate my mate/Katie

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” – Proverbs 22:6


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