It is pitch black, and the only sound you can hear is the ringing within your ear. Everything is unknown. In this moment your brain is sorting through millions of possibilities, and your heart starts to beat at a quicker pace, preparing and protecting you from the unknown. Thankfully this scenario isn’t one we are faced with every day. However, we are faced with the unknown every second of our life – we can all recall a moment when our lives changed in an instant.

The word I associate with unknown is fear. Whether it be the unknown of what someone will say (or not say), what the future will be like, or even if the suspenseful movie will keep your beloved character alive – it’s safe to say I am not alone when it comes to the fear of the unknown. I do however believe that we are not confined by the fear of the unknown, and if practiced enough, we are able to actively seek out the unknown and shift our mindset from a hinderance to something to be embraced. We ought to remind ourselves often that in seeking comfort from life’s unknowns, we often minimise our life. The older we become, the more secure and attached to our comfort and known routines, and the less likely we are to explore and expand. It always amazes me how much a child grows and learns within the first 18 years or even the first five years of their life, but then what happens?

What is one thing you can start to shift in your life that introduces more opportunities for the unknown? Could it be calling a person instead of texting/emailing them or traveling somewhere new by yourself? I find it very important to remember that everything we know now started off being unknown. If we have tolerated the unknown once before, we are able to tolerate it again, and again, and again. Imagine what you could achieve if you diminished the fear that surrounds the unknown.

“Bravery is the audacity to be unhindered by failures, and to walk with freedom, strength, and hope, in the face of things unknown.” – Brene Brown

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