About Kathleen

“She believed she could, so she did”

Welcome to my perspective of this world!

I am 26 years old and residing alongside friends in the suburbs of Brisbane. Currently I am undertaking my Masters of Primary Teaching through the University of New England (Online). I also have a Dual Degree in Human Resource Management and Accounting from Griffith University, and a fair bit of HECS debt (student loans) to prove for it. I love the thrill and anticipation of hoping onto a plane and heading to somewhere new and unexplored. Every Sunday you’ll find me at Citipointe Church, it is the anchor of my week. I am learning to love who I am and accept the moments that don’t fit into my ideal plan for my life. I treasure my alone time, and with that, I actively reflect on everything and often catch myself processing what has happened as though I am writing a blog post. I always have at least two half-read books by my bed and a pen ready to journal my thoughts.

While I’ve given you a brief snapshot of who I am, I will reveal myself more through my blogs.

Let the journey begin!

1 thought on “About Kathleen”

  1. Here’s a favourite quote from me:

    “Joy is the true business of heaven.” C. S. Lewis

    It is a favourite of mine because I was once told that I have the gift of joy and that I should be careful to never lose it. Not bad – I’ll happily claim that! I was told this by a bit of a mystical guy who was a missionary to the Mormons in Salt Lake City. He saw me across a room and it was about the first thing he said to me.


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