Happy Father’s Day

Dear Father, Happy 24th Father’s Day! Thank you does not fully encompass how grateful I am to have you as a Father. From teaching me how to ride a bike to drive a car, and from dropping me off at my first day of school to seeing me graduate from University, your constant support and love has been with me through it all. As a Father, you have poured your whole heart out to see Alison and I thrive and succeed. As children we were spoiled rotten with the endless time spent playing in the pool, the never ending wheelbarrows … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day

Bring it back to LOVE

I could have written this post over a million times, and I still would never be completely satisfied that my words really conveyed my feelings on this topic. The topic of the same-sex marriage plebiscite isn’t just as simple as the Yes/No we are asked to respond to – there are layers, rebuttals, and valid points wherever you look. I have sat on the fence quietly whilst the storm of debates has taken over social media and Australia. I’ve watched and listened to people on both sides of the conversation. I fear for what is to come and the carelessness … Continue reading Bring it back to LOVE

Let’s be real…

  This blog post is one that is SUPER different to all the other ones I have ever posted, but something that, for some unknown reason, I feel compelled to write. So here it is, a post inspired by the above photo, recent developments I’ve made in my life, conversations with friends, and books that I have read. I’m being real, I have attached an unedited photo of what my life looks like right now, 9.45pm Tuesday 30th May 2017, a moment that I will never revisit regardless of what happens. I lie here with my clean loads of laundry … Continue reading Let’s be real…

Ride the waves

Last Saturday I escaped the rush of life and just sat by the beach. Alone. Watching. Thinking. I watched the waves come in and go out, pushing the water around. Sometimes all you could hear would be the thrashing of the waves against each other. Sometimes though, I was able to hear silence. There was no thrashing, and crashing of waves. Then I realised, life is just like riding the waves. Say that you are out in the waves and one minute you are there floating around (or standing, depending on how tall you are) and enjoying the serenity of … Continue reading Ride the waves

Content (adj.)

Following on from my previous ‘simple’ post comes one that is so close to my heart at the moment. The one word that has been on my mind and on my lips this past week is content. For the majority of my life I have wanted more. I have always had a list of what qualities, skills, looks, and attributes that I was working towards (or what I should be working towards), but what did it leave me with? Initially it helped, I was able to feel better when I was promoted, when I got better grades, and when people … Continue reading Content (adj.)

I made a pizza today

I had the assumption that the first blog post that I wrote in a year had to be one that packed a punch, that stirred hearts, and made every reader automatically press the ‘like’ button. In the end, this made the days turn into months between writing a post. So here this post is. A post about being raw, authentic, brave, concise, and most importantly, simple. For what I have learnt in the past year is to be content in the small and basic things of life. I love splashing around in puddles or saying ‘wow’ when I drive towards … Continue reading I made a pizza today

Happy Mother’s Day, Mother.

Dear Mother/Mum/Mom, As a child I adored you. You taught me to speak, talk, smile, and walk. There wasn’t an activity on Playschool that we didn’t do, or an inch of my body that wasn’t covered in paint. Every birthday was themed something different and a product of your love and hard-work. You walked us to and from school every day, waited for us while we did Tae-Kwon-Do, and made sure we had a nutritious school lunch day in, day out until I graduated high-school. When I was a teenager, our mother-daughter relationship was tested. You were the one to … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day, Mother.

Hello Europe 🌍

In the wise, and also over used, words of Adele – hello from the other side. It was only a few months ago that I applied to study an intensive summer course in France and here I am, freezing my fingers off while living out of my backpack. I’ve been city hopping since New Years Eve and I’ve been to seven cities and Paris is my last until I head down to La Rochelle for 3 weeks. The past 16 days of exploring have been a whirl wind, and the opportunity to travel by myself has allowed me plenty of … Continue reading Hello Europe 🌍