Oh Borneo, you were indescribable

Anyone can buy a plane ticket and fly to any destination. It’s what you do in that destination that gives life a purpose. I made it back to Australia all in one piece. Our Malaysian Airline flight did not crash, I did not contract any deadly viruses, neither was I attacked by any stray animals, and my passport and money was not stolen. Who knows what could have happened while overseas? Although, I did end up with some lovely sunburns (thank you Malaria tablets), and chemical burns on my eyelids – NOTE: never put 80% DEET on your forehead or … Continue reading Oh Borneo, you were indescribable

First impressions of Borneo

We arrived in Kuching, Borneo on the 29th Monday afternoon, albeit a bit tired from no sleep and a long layover in Singapore but we made it!! The first thing I noticed while flying over Borneo before landing was the dense rainforest and the numerous high mountains. Jessie and I had our noses to the window in the plane trying to absorb all the sights. All through the rainforests and towns/villages there were rivers just winding around providing nutrients to the the dense foliage. We have found out that it is very common between Decemeber to February for flooding and many … Continue reading First impressions of Borneo

Borneo – My pre-departure thoughts

Well, the time has flown between initially applying to go on this trip last year, up until now with only 20 more days to go! (btw it’s 1 month until my 21st!) On the 28th of June I shall be embarking on a 12 day adventure over to Borneo with the Griffith Business School Student Leadership Program. Our team for the trip consists of 10 Business undergraduates and accompanied by two wonderful Business School staff (plus some amazing support in Borneo and back here in Australia). We shall be staying an hour out of Kuching in the Krokong Homestay, and … Continue reading Borneo – My pre-departure thoughts