Content (adj.)

Following on from my previous ‘simple’ post comes one that is so close to my heart at the moment. The one word that has been on my mind and on my lips this past week is content. For the majority of my life I have wanted more. I have always had a list of what qualities, skills, looks, and attributes that I was working towards (or what I should be working towards), but what did it leave me with? Initially it helped, I was able to feel better when I was promoted, when I got better grades, and when people … Continue reading Content (adj.)

I made a pizza today

I had the assumption that the first blog post that I wrote in a year had to be one that packed a punch, that stirred hearts, and made every reader automatically press the ‘like’ button. In the end, this made the days turn into months between writing a post. So here this post is. A post about being raw, authentic, brave, concise, and most importantly, simple. For what I have learnt in the past year is to be content in the small and basic things of life. I love splashing around in puddles or saying ‘wow’ when I drive towards … Continue reading I made a pizza today

6 Things I wish I knew when I was 20

Well, lets be honest, I am still 20. So, I’m not going to give any wise words of wisdom to the younger generations, because I am still classified as that ‘young generation’. The truth is, I love reading these types of advice and any title that applies to a 20-year-old or university graduate grabs my attention! A lot of the articles that I read have core characteristics that . The following six points are loosely based around what successful 30+ year olds have said, and what I wish to listen to improve on within the next decade  Put yourself in … Continue reading 6 Things I wish I knew when I was 20

Here I come July!

July has always been my favourite month. Well, when you’re a child your whole world revolves around your birthday and from that your favourite month is your birth month, and your favourite number is your birth date. I am no exception to this social norm! I normally start reminding my family about my birthday around January and it only becomes more consistent as my birthday becomes closer and closer. Although, the older I get, the more I feel need to not remind my parents of my birthday – so much so they have remind me! This year I have been … Continue reading Here I come July!


For the 2 hours I have been awake today I have heard Gratitude mentioned numerous times, and that got me thinking, when was the last time I was grateful? More importantly, what am I grateful for? In the wise words of Arianna Huffington, ‘When you live life with an eye towards gratitude, you will give yourself even more reasons to track other habits. Be grateful for the time you have found to move, sleep, meditate, and work on your priorities today’. I have never thought about it, but I am so grateful for the gift of 24 hours that I … Continue reading Gratitude

Leadership; Perspectives from a University seminar

I absolutely LOVE when my seminars and lectures are engaging and I leave with a brain that is buzzing with questions! So, what happens when you get 22 university students to define in 5 words what they value in leaders? Last week I attended my fortnightly seminar for my course; Comparative Management. The seminar was based upon leadership and the different types of leadership styles. We were given a list of 40 words to choose from (and we could add our own) that we had to choose 5-6 words that we identified that we deemed essential to leadership. We first … Continue reading Leadership; Perspectives from a University seminar

Good Morning Monday!

There is nothing quite like a Monday morning. For some it signals the beginning of a new working week. While for most people my age it means the end of our working weekend and the beginning of our school/university week. What ever it means for you, take it as a blessing and relish in the small things! One thing that always boosts my morning mood is waking up before my alarm goes off (yay for body clocks and listening to them). When we wake up with a purpose, it’s hard not to enjoy the process! “If today were the last … Continue reading Good Morning Monday!

Let’s cover the basics

Just like the first day of school, a university course, or a new job, this post is all about the basics! I used to ‘blog’. Well, I started a WordPress last year and all I did was post quotes. That lasted a good 4 months before University crept in and my priorities changed. At the end of last year I posted on my LinkedIn about 5 Things I learnt from my 2014 goal and I enjoyed writing it. Early this year I was contemplating about writing another one but hesitated and put it off, because who wants to read something … Continue reading Let’s cover the basics