I don’t mind

I don't mind if your jeans are that little bit tighter. I don't mind if you have broken personal records for how quickly you finish a bag of chips. I don't mind if the number on the scale has increased. I don't mind if you can't remember the last time you went for a run.… Continue reading I don’t mind

2015, you’ve been grand!

The time has rolled around and my annual end-of-year wrap-up is here. What can I say about 2015, except for WOW! In no way imaginable would I have believed last year that the proceeding 365 days would be filled with many experiences that have challenged me, taught me, and made me forever grateful of my… Continue reading 2015, you’ve been grand!

It’s time to celebrate Mental Health

This week marks the annual Mental Health week in Australia. For the past 10 years my Mental Health has become a big factor in my transition between childhood to adulthood. It's something I become very passionate about as I have seen the side effects of not taking care of one's mental health. So, when asked… Continue reading It’s time to celebrate Mental Health