2015, you’ve been grand!

The time has rolled around and my annual end-of-year wrap-up is here. What can I say about 2015, except for WOW! In no way imaginable would I have believed last year that the proceeding 365 days would be filled with many experiences that have challenged me, taught me, and made me forever grateful of my… Continue reading 2015, you’ve been grand!

From an average interview straight into finding ways I can improve.

It's a gloomy day here in Brisbane. I believe the weather is just a representation of many university students' moods around the nation as exam week is upon us... *cue the late nights* Upon this exam stress I had the pleasure of attending an interview for a vacation role at an accounting firm. I'm still… Continue reading From an average interview straight into finding ways I can improve.

Enter with a purpose

It's the season for job applications and interviews at the moment. I have friends who are undertaking their teaching prac, sending internship applications, and attending graduate interviews. This morning one of my flat mates was dressed up (vast contrast to his weekday jeans and shirt attire) for his Psychology Honours Placement interview. After I complimented… Continue reading Enter with a purpose